Do you live in a Firewise Community?

As of 2022, Fire Safe Sonoma has been recognised by the CAL FIRE Firewise Representative, Chief Vargas, as the Firewise Regional Coordinator of Sonoma County. We are here to help your community with the application process and to continue to maintain your status as a Firewise Community in Good Standing. Please contact us if you are interested in starting a Firewise Community. 

Following are examples of how FSS can support you through the process of becoming Firewise recognized. We can: 

  • Help your committee and organizers through the Firewise USA steps and application.
  • Liaison with fire agency partners along your path to Firewise recognition.
  • Provide guidance and useful tools to help with completing the community risk assessment.
  • Aid in identifying and memorializing the initial home investment requirement to become accredited.
  • Offer workshops and presentation options to help communities meet the Firewise USA education outreach requirements.
  • Help with developing and/or identifying worthwhile projects for your community’s multi-year action plan.



The California Insurance Commissioner’s Office is making some moves lately and has created a pathway to lower insurance premiums in a program they call Safer from Wildfires in 1, 2, 3. This program essentially establishes a way for insurance companies to offer financial incentives to homeowners who harden their homes, create and maintain defensible space, and are part of a “Firewise USA community in good standing.” Take a look at our post on Wildfire Property Insurance to learn more. 
Moreover, the Firewise USA program is a part of California’s efforts to ensure communities are prepared against wildfire, through the CAL FIRE Office of the State Fire Marshal’s Community Wildfire Preparedness & Mitigation Division.


Existing Firewise Communities in Sonoma County

A list of existing Firewise communities in Sonoma County can be found by visiting our GIS Map here or by viewing the NFPA’s Interactive Map. If you would like to connect with your community Firewise Leaders, please reach out to us and we can help with the introduction.


If you are interested in becoming a Firewise Community, Please reach out to [email protected]


Webinar: steps to become a firewise community in Sonoma County

Presentation by Roberta MacIntyre, Board President and CEO of Fire Safe Sonoma.

This webinar has been put together by Fire Safe Sonoma to help residents wanting to work with their neighbors to become an accredited FireWise Community. It will cover the process and benefits to becoming FireWise, as well as how the Fire Safe Sonoma Team can support you along the way.

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