Have You Visited the Sonoma County CWPP Hub Site Yet?

A CWPP is one of the best tools we have to make progress in adapting our county to a wildfire-prone environment. The Sonoma County CWPP HUB Site has hazard and risk analyses and, as part of a collaborative model, will provide an initial priority ranking of projects that can help reduce wildland fire risks.

The Sonoma County CWPP HUB Site is a companion to the written Sonoma County CWPP and is a user-friendly website for County residents to see Story Maps, Risk Indexes, and other data. It is also a resource used to inform and collect feedback on the County’s efforts to update its Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). As part of the Sonoma County CWPP update effort, the site is meant to help county staff, residents and local agencies gather and summarize data about their local wildland fire risk. This data is valuable for communities creating local wildfire risk assessments such as that needed for a Fire Wise Community application.

The site also supplies educational resources from partnering agencies on wildfire preparedness such as Fire Safe Sonoma.

Fuel mitigation and fire prevention projects that have been entered into the Sonoma County CWPP and on the Project List are automatically ranked as a first step in prioritizing their need. This first level of ranking, combined with a more comprehensive review and prioritization, may aid Sonoma County residents, agencies, and interested parties who have projects entered in the Sonoma County CWPP with their applications for funding.

To make the website experience more ejoyable,  we recommend that you view this totorial before visiting the site: https://youtu.be/KEPPXZ73OSY    Use this link to check out the site. https://permitsonoma.org/sonomacountycwpp

If you have questions about the CWPP process please contact Caerleon Safford at: [email protected]

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