1. Form a core group. Start by identifying your leadership team and your community boundary area.  
  2. Develop a Wildfire Risk Assessment Plan
  3. Create and Maintain a 3 Year Wildfire Action Plan
  4. Engage your Community
  5. Apply for Recognition

To learn more about these steps and to download the Firewise USA Application/Risk Assessment and Action Plan templates, visit: Readyforwildfires/Firewise 

When you are ready to begin, please reach out to [email protected]. 

Fire Safe Sonoma is here to answer your questions and help you through the application process. 


Webinar: steps to become a Firewise Community in Sonoma County

This webinar has been put together by Fire Safe Sonoma to help residents wanting to work with their neighbors to become an accredited FireWise Community. It will cover the process and benefits to becoming FireWise, as well as how the Fire Safe Sonoma Team can support you along the way.

Presentation by Roberta MacIntyre, Board President and CEO of Fire Safe Sonoma

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