Do you know your zone?

By being prepared to evacuate early, you give your family the best chance of surviving a wildland fire. You also help firefighters by keeping roads clear of congestion, enabling them to move more freely and do their job in a safer environment. A key part of being ready to evacuate is knowing your evacuation zone

Within Sonoma County, governments have worked together and established standardized evacuation zones to help with orderly mass evacuations in times of disaster. It is critically important to memorize your zone for your residence and your workplace and to include your zone name in your home emergency evacuation plan. Additionally, it is a good idea to share your zone with visiting friends and family for their own situational awareness. 

You can find your zone for home and work by accessing Sonoma County’s Evacuation Map. Simply type in an address and it will tell you what your evacuation zone is. For example, if I put the address of 65 Stony Point Road, the zone is “SRS-Northwest3.” Once I know my Zone, if an evacuation order is ordered for SRS-Northwest3, then I know it is my time to evacuate. 

To learn what your home and work evacuation zones are, simply go HERE

For more information, visit the County of Sonoma Department of Emergency Management’s Emergency Readiness, Response, and Recovery Evacuation webpage HERE

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