Over the past 25 years, Fire Safe Sonoma has completed many projects. Here is a short-list of some of them:

  • Created the first, locally tailored, wildfire safety publication, “Living with Fire in Sonoma County.”
  • Created the first comprehensive Sonoma County Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). FSS continues to be engaged in the current countywide update. 
  • Developed an “Emerging fire Safe Council” pilot program to assist with the formation of local Fire Safe Councils. 
  • Created a countywide “Ready Set Go Program”, including the creation of a local Ready Set Go! booklet and partner RSG! video.
  • Obtained a Listos Tool Cache Trailer for use by community work-parties to conduct defensible space projects.
  • Assisted with the development of ten local community wildfire risk plans (CWPP)
  • Conducted several targeted curbside chipper projects. 
  • Completed a Sudden Oak Death & Defensible space fuels reduction project.
  • Lead the completion of several roadside fuel reduction projects countywide.
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